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SALE! Magic Sculpt 4oz Sample Size Kit Two For One - 8oz!

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 I'm cleaning out the studio and selling off some of my supplies!

Magic Sculpt is a two part epoxy clay that self cures within 24 hours. Mix equal parts and begin working. Allow to air dry. It will bond and adhere to wood and canvas as it cures. I use it in my geode resin art pieces to create borders and adhere crystals. It can be painted after it cures or fluid resin can be poured over it.

Magic Sculpt is an epoxy product so be sure to protect your hands and clean with soap and water after use. 

This is a 4oz sample kit and come with approx. 2oz Hardner & 2oz Resin 

SALE!  Buy One 4oz kit and get a second one free! (US ONLY)

Happy Creating!