Resin Art Supplies & Materials

Hello!  I get asked so often what supplies I use in my resin artwork that I thought it might be a good idea to build a list! 

Below you will find links (if available) to the products I use.  

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Supplies I Use


Magic Sculpt Two Part Resin Clay!  Art Resin Brand - Non Toxic No Odor



I use Pearl ex Mica Powder Pigments,  Black Diamond and Le Rez in most of my Art and don't forget the glitter, Glitz and Darice sample packs are perfect with resin! (Le' rez pigments are from Australia are located at



Resin Pigment Paste, (Make A Perfect Wave)  Inks and more


I use Liquid Golf and Silver Leaf to paint the sides of my piece or accent my clay lines!


 Handy Shelf Cover To Keep Curing Resin Dust Free!  Alcohol Wipes A MUST!  Contact shelf liners are amazing for my curing rack & Teflon Sheets -the resin comes right off!




I use all four of these tools!  A must for resin artists!  Pop those bubble!



Other Acrylic Paints I Use In My Resin Art!



Mediums I Use In My Acrylic Pouring Art!



 I buy cases of gloves!  Must have respirator and cups!  


Posca Pens, for drawing lines in Geode art!


The best tape for building borders that I have used so far!  My new favorite tool, the silicone artist brush is so amazing for moving resin around & Polycrylic for sealing my wood panels before pouring!  Zippo to refill my small torches!

Float Frames!  


Some of The Glass, Glitter and Sparkly Fun Things I Use!

Tech Stuff I Use To Plan Out My Concepts & Record Videos!



I also use the App "Procreate" to color, draw and sketch out my geode ideas!

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*Artist Disclaimer

I post videos detailing how I prefer to work with my art and supplies.  Conditions, materials and numerous other factors contribute to the overall outcome of any project.  Not every art piece I create is a success and I learn from experience and trial and error.  Please understand that while I Iove to share what I have learned, I am in no way responsible for the outcome of your artwork and experience of the process ;)  Enjoy and feel free to comment your questions and I will answer as best I can! -Tammy