Resin Beginners Class

A Perfect Resin Class For Beginners

Why Work One On One With Me?

I understand that it can feel a little intimidating mixing that first batch of resin and overwhelming trying to figure out the right tools, pigments and surfaces!  You will not only be working with someone who understands those feelings, but you will have my undivided attention each step of the way.   I also realize that everyone receives information in different ways, so I will work with you to customize the best learning experience for your needs.  If you are visual, I will quickly demonstrate each step for you before letting you jump in!  If your are an "I must do it to learn it" type like I am, then I will assist you, but let you dive right in!   This session is all about YOU!

What to Bring?

Just yourself!!!

I have taken all of the worry out of creating your first piece of resin art, by making sure all of your supplies are included!  

All you need to do is show up!  I will have an apron and gloves available, but make sure you wear clothes that you don't care about getting icky and sticky!   

Also, if you have long hair, pull it back or wear a hat ( I do both).

I will have water and drinks, but if you want something special bring it along. (alcohol is not recommended, as we will be working with torches ;)

What to Expect?!

You will be learning and creating in my home studio, using the same space, tools, resins and pigments that I use to create my artwork!

I've created a class that is easy, yet packed full of content!  You will leave our time together understanding the basics of resin art and well on your way to creating many more pieces of artwork with your new found knowledge and confidence.  Disclaimer, Resin Pouring is Addictive ;)

What I will cover in this class                                     

-Safety with resin, and heat tools!

-Proper resin measuring and mixing.

-The different pigments, why, what, how!

-Mixing pigments with Resin

-Pouring Resin

-Use of torch, heat gun and blow dryer

-Blending and layering colors to create interesting effects

-Covering and curing your artwork.

What Are We Making?

To keep this class as simple as possible, you will be pouring on 6x6 tiles.  I think this is perfect for a beginner class, because there is minimal prep work involved!  You can show up and get to creating fairly quickly!

You will create at least two pieces of artwork, more if we have time!

The artwork will need to stay with me at least over night to cure before you take it home.  If you are local, you can pick it up as soon as the next day or I can ship it out to you after it has fully cured in about 78hours. (shipping charges can be added later)

You will also leave with a supply list of items that I recommend to start your own resin pouring at home.

AND... I am always available after class to answer questions!  

Class Options & Pricing

Contact me if you would like to schedule a class!

I look forward to creating with you! ~Tammy 

"I highly recommend Tammy as a teacher!  She is so kind and patient.  She taught me multiple ways to resin pour and really covered the safety part.  I left her class feeling very confident to work on my own" ~ Susan K.