Meet Tammy


Tammy Medsker Studio

Hello!   I am a self-taught resin and mixed media artist living in Denver, Colorado. 

I grew up in a artsy/crafty family and have fond memories of sitting with my mother, grandmother and cousins creating any number of things, from sparkling Christmas ornaments, to cozy crocheted mittens.  I'm happy to say that my crafty gene is still going strong, and I attribute my eclectic artsy nature to those many experiences gathered in creativity with my family.

My imaginative soul and eclectic spirit have kindled a flame within that burns most brightly for fluid abstract art creation.  I am passionate about not only creating an esthetically pleasing painting, but an original work of art that will evoke inspiration, curiosity and above all else, joy in it's audience!

I have practiced many mediums, including: sculpture, card making & jewelry design, but it's safe to say my favorite medium is resin abstract art! 

I love to immerse myself in the quest to create art that represents the beauty of nature as I have experienced it.  My time traveling has giving me an abundance of inspiration.  Trekking along the rugged Oregon coastline, with my toes in the sands of Hawaii's beaches or hiking through our beautiful Colorado mountains, are a few of the many places where the ideas for my artwork are born.

I love sparkle and color, textures and depth and this is why you will see that each abstract is constructed with layer upon layer of rich pigments, often natural elements and that glossy resin luster I adore!  

I would say that my workflow is thoughtful and steady yet highly intuitive, fueled by excitement and passion and guided by something beyond the limits of my imagination.  

I never would have guessed, when sitting in a crochet circle as a kid, that one day I would be wearing a respirator while wielding a torch, trying to get that last bit of movement out of a resin painting!

When not pouring resin and paint, you might find me in my husband, Michael Scott's adjoining art studio while snuggled up with my little Italian Greyhound rescue, "Gracie" and "Jasper" the family cat.